Scientists & Conservationists Urge Governor Jerry Brown and PG&E to Save Diablo Canyon

Whole Earth Catalogue Founder Stewart Brand, Climate Scientist James Hansen, and Conservation Biologist Peter Raven Among Prominent Signers

Read the article in the San Francisco Chronicle

A group of more than 50 prominent scientists and conservationists from within California and around the world today urged Governor Jerry Brown, Pacific Gas and Electric CEO Tony Early to come to an agreement on future operating of the Diablo Canyon Power Plant.

Doing so, they said, is crucial to meeting the state's climate goals, and expanding the amount of protected coastline.  

"Declining electricity from clean energy sources, including hydro-electric dams, underscores the importance of nuclear, the only source of zero carbon power that is reliable no matter the weather or climate," the group wrote. "In 2014, Diablo Canyon — a single power plant — produced 24 percent more electricity than all of California’s wind, and 33 percent more electricity than all of California’s solar."

The group includes Nobel laureates Burton Richter and former NASA climate scientist James Hansen, as well as conservationists Peter Raven, President Emeritus of the Missouri Botanical Garden, and Whole Earth Catalogue founder Stewart Brand.

"If Diablo goes away, so too will the possibility of land conservation purchased by PG&E for mitigation," the group warned. 

Photo credit: John Lindsey